Characteristics and Use of SJOW Rubber Wire

August 24, 2023

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Characteristics and Use of SJOW Rubber Wire



SJOW rubber wire is a specially treated rubber insulated cable widely used in the industrial field. It can withstand high extreme temperatures and can be used in various environments, such as outdoor environments or freezer rooms. The insulation layer of SJOW rubber wire is not damaged by vibration, friction, or moisture, making it very suitable for power supply of machines and equipment.


SJOW rubber wire is composed of pure copper wire and an elastic rubber insulation layer wrapped above the copper wire. This special insulation layer protects the copper wire from the influence of electricity, heat, and moisture. SJOW rubber wire also has excellent flexibility and toughness, which can be used under slight bending or twisting without causing any damage to the insulation layer.


The rated voltage of SJOW rubber wire is 300V and can operate at temperatures up to 90 degrees. It is a cold resistant rubber thread that can be used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. This means that SJOW rubber wire is suitable for various usage environments, from extremely cold environments to hot environments. In fact, this type of rubber wire is widely used in the petroleum and chemical industries because it can resist the corrosion of chemicals and petroleum products.


In short, SJOW rubber wire is a very practical cable that can work in harsh environments and provide perfect protection for the insulation layer and wires. It has become the preferred cable for many industries, such as mechanical processing, construction engineering, technical equipment, automation systems, petroleum and chemical industries, etc.



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